Why should I join the Build IT LIVE sponsorship family?

Connect With Decision Makers

Get your product or service in front of the people who are looking for a new solution that will help them grow their business. Build IT LIVE offers 6+ hours of dedicated Solutions Pavilion time so you can have the conversations you need to qualify your leads.

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No Sales Pitches?

That’s right! We believe that by telling stories, implementing workshops, and prioritizing education during your breakout sessions you will develop TRUST with the audience. The trust you create will drive more meaningful conversations and deeper relationships than you’ve ever experienced as a sponsor at an event. Trust us – it works.


Through evening activities, offsite experiences, and Build IT LIVE provides your team with numerous opportunities to not just meet potential partners, but to connect with them, strengthening your relationships so you can drive revenue.


Sharing is caring. Our approach of education-focused content positions your company to build trust with your potential partners. By sharing how you overcame a challenge they may be experiencing, you are able to build stronger connections. We’ve heard many times that members of our sponsorship family have experienced more valuable conversations and traffic at their booths after they hosted a breakout session at Build IT LIVE.

Sponsorship Levels